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Product performance and Application

As consumers are increasingly aware of the negative health effects of sunbathing and tanning beds, there is a high demand for safe alternatives to sunbathing. Erythrulose is a natural tanning ingredient, which provides a more real, uniform and lasting tanning effect. Because of its smooth tanning function, it is a very useful progressive tanning product. It can be well combined with ActiBiso-DHA, which are two types of classic self tanning agent and progressive tanning agent.

Erythrulose is a kind of natural tanning agent. Through Maillard reaction, it reacts with the protein peptide amino group on the skin surface to form a brown polymer product which combines directly with the skin surface (cuticle). Compared with 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone, Erythrulose provides a more natural and true brown color with longer duration and more stable formula. • partner with DHA. Erythrulose improves the properties of self tanning products, such as less streaks, a more natural color, which avoids skin dryness and irritation. Erythritol can lead to a permanent tanning effect - which can only be removed through the natural peeling process of the skin.

PH 2.0-3.5
A glucose bacterium fermented by sugar
Formula does not contain preservatives
Highly Effect - can only be removed through the natural desquamation process of the skin

Formula recommendations
Recommended dosage 1 - 5%
Recommended dosage of progressive sun products: 2 - 3%
Combination with DHA: 1 - 3 vol.%
Stable in the range of pH 2.0 - 5.0
Machining below 40 ° C
Mixing with cosmetics in water phase

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-Erythrulose
INCI name: Erythrulose
CAS : 533-50-6
Appearance: Clear yellow viscous liquid

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