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Piroctone Olamine

Product performance and Application

So far, piroctone olamine salt is the only anti dandruff and anti itching agent that can be used for hair products without washing. It has broad-spectrum killing effect on fungi and molds, and has good therapeutic effect on tinea of feet and hands. It can be used as antiseptic in cosmetics, bactericide in soap and thickening. Therefore, piroctone olamine is a multifunctional anti dandruff and anti itching bactericide, which is widely used in shampoo, shampoo, cosmetics and washing products.

The unique properties of piroctone olamine are as follows:
1. The effect of anti dandruff and anti itching is better than the same kind of products.            
2. Good solubility and compounding performance, no precipitation or stratification will occur when mixed with cosmetic raw materials.
3. The mechanism of dandruff removal is unique, and the stimulation is very low, which will not cause hair damage, and the safety is better than that of similar products.            

Add amount: wash free product: 0.05% ~ 0.01%; water wash product: 0.3% ~ 0.4% 

Technical information

Trade name:HairBiso-PO
INCI name: Piroctone Olamine
Othe name: Octopirox
CAS: 68890-66-4
Appearance: White powder

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