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ActiBiso-PMB Pro


Product performance and Application

Polyquaternium-51 is widely used in the field of medical skin care products and bionic materials because of its very similar composition and characteristics to human cell membrane.

1. Super moisturizing function            
As a new kind of macro-molecular humectant, Polyquaternium-51 has twice the moisturizing effect as hyaluronic acid. In addition, its biggest feature is that, after application, even after washing, it will not reduce its moisture absorption and moisturizing performance. It has good moisturizing effect on dry skin and hair. After the acts on the skin surface, the high molecular weight components can form a stable hydrated gel film on the skin surface, and form second layers of protective and water retaining barriers on the skin's own epidermal barrier to keep the skin moist and elastic.

2. Ease the irritation of surfactants
Surfactant is an important component of cleaning cosmetics that people use everyday. At the same time of removing the dirt on the skin surface, it will also produce certain stimulation on the skin, weaken the natural protective barrier of the skin, and cause the skin to dry and crumble. The cellular membrane structure of Polyquaternium-51 can alleviate and inhibit the stimulation of surfactants on the skin, restore the vitality of cells on the surface of the skin, effectively repair the damaged protective barrier, and keep the skin bright and moist all the time.

3. Enhance the absorption of skin to active ingredients in cosmetics Polyquaternium-51 can form nano micelles with cell membrane like structure, encapsulate various nutrients that are difficult to pass through the skin barrier, enhance the permeability of effective ingredients to the cuticle of the skin, and prevent oxidative deterioration of various active factors such as vitamin C ,vitamin E., amino acids and superoxide dismutase (SOD). It can achieve deep and lasting skin care, strengthen the efficacy of cosmetics in nourishing skin, improving skin condition and preventing skin diseases.

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-PMB Pro
INCI name: Polyquaternium-51
Other name: Lipidure-PMB
Cas: 125275-25-4
Appearance: Water soluble colorless transparent liquid

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