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Kojic Acid

Product performance and Application

Kojic acid (ActiBiso-KA) is produced by the fermentation and purification of glucose or sucrose under the action of Kojic enzyme. Its whitening mechanism is to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, at the same time inhibit the activity of n-hydroxyindoleate (dhica) oxidase and block the polymerization of dihydroxyindole (DHI). It is a rare single whitening agent that can simultaneously inhibit a variety of enzymes. 

Kojic acid is an excellent whitening and light spot ingredient. After decades of research and application, it is a classic ingredient that has been tested. As long as the dosage is within a certain range, there is no safety problem and no sensitization reaction will be caused. If the whitening effect brought by VC is expressed by transparency, the effect Kojic acid brings to you is the feeling of smooth milky white. The combination of the two is the best.

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-KA
INCI name: Kojic Acid
CAS : 501-30-4
Appearance: white powder

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