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3-o-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Product performance and Application

Our company is one of the world's largest producer of 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid, with an annual output of 200 tons. Almost no odor, white color, purity over 99.5%, stable quality, no color change, different from other similar products in the market. 3-o-ethyl Ascorbic Acid is a kind of amphoteric and hydrophilic vitamin C derivative, which not only makes it very convenient to use in the formula, but also makes it easy to penetrate the cuticle and enter the dermis. After entering the skin, it is easy to be decomposed by biological enzymes to play the role of vitamin C, so as to improve its bioavailability. However, ordinary vitamin C is difficult to be absorbed by the skin. But 3-o-ethyl ascorbic Acid showed high stability compared with common vitamin C. 

It has the following characteristics: 
1. Inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce melanin to colorless and effectively whiten the skin. 
2. After entering the dermis, 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid is directly involved in the synthesis and repair of collagen to increase the activity of skin cells, so as to make the skin elastic and delicate and smooth. 
3. The antioxidant effect in cosmetics ensures the utilization of VC. Compared with VC, VC ethyl ether is very stable and does not change color. It can really achieve the effect of whitening and freckle removing. 
4. Strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, inflammation caused by light.
5. It has lipophilic and hydrophilic structure, easy to be absorbed by the skin, and can reach the dermis directly.
6. Good stability, light resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and air oxidation resistance.

When the dosage is 2%, 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid has the double effects of bleaching and whitening .
3-o-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid has repairing effect on the composition and synthesis of collagen.  
3-o-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is more stable at pH 3.0-6.0. 

Formula suggestions: 
Reference dosage: 0.5-2.0%. It is recommended to add 0.2% sodium citrate into the formula with the temperature below 40 ℃.

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-VCE
INCI name:3-o-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
Other name:Ethyl Ascorbic Acid;3-O-Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether
CAS No:86404-04-8
Molecular formula:C8H12O6
Appearance:White powder

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