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Product performance and Application

It is also known as "salt tolerant bacteria extract", which comes from Halomonas Elongata. Under the extreme conditions of high salt, high temperature and high ultraviolet radiation, it can protect halophilic bacteria from harm. Because of its good repair and moisturizing effect on the skin, ectoin is one of the bioengineering agents used in high-grade cosmetics. 

1. It can effectively improve the immune protection ability of skin cells, increase the ability of cell repair, and enable the skin to effectively resist the invasion of microorganisms and allergens. Experimental results show that:Ectoin can resist the damage of UV to skin and repair the DNA damage caused by UV. Because of its ability to relieve various pressures on the skin, such as UV damage, skin aging caused by dry environment, skin degradation caused by surfactants, etc., ectoin as a cell repair additive, has attracted more and more attention and has been added to cosmetics for the purpose of fighting against skin aging.  

2. Ectoin ensures that halophilic bacteria will not die of dehydration in high salt environment. It is an important substance to maintain osmotic pressure balance. Its unique molecular structure makes it have a strong ability of water molecule complexation. One molecule of EC can complexate four or five water molecules, which can make the free water in cells structured. During the application period, the water holding capacity of the skin can be improved continuously by using ectoin, and the water holding capacity of the skin will not be decreased immediately after discontinuation. The water holding capacity of the skin after discontinuation for one week is still higher than that of the control group. It's a very good moisturizer.

Package: 1kg / aluminum bottle 
Shelf life: 2 years

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-ECT
INCI name: Ectoin
Other name: Ectoine
CAS: 96702-03-3
Appearance: White crystalline powder

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