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Product performance and Application

Astaxanthin is an excellent skin conditioner and antioxidant in cosmetics. Natural astaxanthin is one of the strongest natural antioxidants in the world. It can effectively remove oxygen free radicals in cells, enhance cell regeneration ability, maintain body balance and reduce the accumulation of aging cells, protect cell and DNA health from inside to outside, thus protecting skin health, promoting hair growth, anti-aging, relieving exercise fatigue and enhancing vitality.

It is reported that the antioxidant activity of natural astaxanthin is higher than that of existing antioxidants. Its ability of scavenging free radicals is 6000 times of vitamin C, 1000 times of vitamin E, 800 times of coenzyme Q10, 700 times of anthocyanin, 100 times of β - carotene, 10 times of lycopene, 200 times of carotol, 320 times of tea polyphenols.

Application: emulsion, cream, lipstick

Added amount: 0.2-2%

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-ASTA
INCI name: Astaxanthin
CAS: 472-61-7
Appearance: Dark red oily liquid 

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