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Saccharide Isomerate

Product performance and Application

The action mechanism of ActiBiso-SI is similar to that of hyaluronic acid. The Saccharide isomerate is a new moisturizing component different from any previous moisturizer. Its difference lies in that it can still play a very excellent moisturizing effect even under very low relative humidity. Like magnetite, it can help the skin firmly combine water.

Saccharide isomerate are isomerized d-glucans manufactured by biochemical technology. Their production conforms to GMP standard. They are highly concentrated aqueous solutions. They have very similar composition structure with human skin cuticle.

When the Saccharide isomerate are applied to the skin surface, they can immediately combine with the ε - amino acid functional group of lysine in the cuticle of the skin. Even if they are washed with water, they can not be washed away easily. They are firmly bound to the skin surface like magnets, while the other group of PENTAVITIN has a strong hydration effect, which can prevent the skin from losing water (TEWL), absorb water from the external environment, dynamically maintain the skin water balance, and play a long-term moisturizing effect.

Formula use:            
The recommended dosage is 3-6%, which can be added in the later stage of the formula or heated together with the water phase components (below 80 ℃).

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-SI
INCI name: Saccharide Isomerate
Appearance: Yellow to amber clear liquid

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