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Glyceryl Glucoside

Product performance and Application

Glyceryl Glucoside is extracted from plants, and is water-soluble, regarded as a multi-functional humectant.

Glyceryl Glucoside is the main active component of Milo wood, which is essential for Milo wood to survive in long-term drought environment..
Bring Milo back to life - it can activate cells of Milo in a long dry environment (up to 50 years!) and give birth to new life.
It can also be produced by Cyanobacteria to protect the body from osmotic pressure.

Natural cell activator with strong activation and regeneration ability:            
1. Cell vitality and metabolism            
2. Activate and regenerate skin cells           
3. Enhance the antioxidant activity (SOD) of skin cells
4. Accelerate the synthesis of type I collagen precursor in aging cells
5. Increase skin moisture, elasticity, smoothness and skin thickness (in vivo experiment)  
6.Reduce skin redness and fight against rubella (in vivo experiment)            
7.Accelerate wound healing and tissue repair

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-GG
INCI name: Glyceryl Glucoside
CAS : 22160-26-5
Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid

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